Port Phillip Council Election: Your chance to influence our future

Saturday the 27th of October is an important date for our community, when you will be asked to choose your local Councillor for the next four years. I seek your support because I have a vision for a better Port Melbourne, Garden City and Beacon Cove.

We are lucky to live in Sandridge; we have an enviable bayside location, a vibrant young community and it’s a great environment to raise a family. In spite of this, we face significant challenges in the water quality at our beaches, the pressures of growth and unnecessary red tape for home owners and small businesses. We need a second school and our sports clubs deserve more support. These are real problems that will require passion, hard work and local knowledge to overcome.

My vision for our community will begin with reintroducing a focus on Port. For too long St Kilda has been the focus of Council decisions and we need a representative on Council who demands we get our fair share. The next step will be utilising my 17 years experience in business to ensure your rates are used efficiently. I’ll rely on your views to shape our future; I’ve listened closely to what you’ve told me and as a home owner in Bay Street I’m personally aware of the issues facing our community.

Key Commitments

  • Keep planning decisions local and listen to the community
  • New sporting & community facilities as our population grows
  • Win the fight for two new schools and better childcare
  • Improve water quality at our beaches.
  • Be available to all residents & businesses via my mobile 0448816220 or email anytime.

About me

  • Lived in and around Port Melbourne for over 10 years
  • Home owner in Bay Street
  • 17 years working in business (state and national roles)
  • Active community member: volunteer at a local cycling club, member of the Australian Labor Party and Animals Australia
  • Passionate about the future of our community

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4 thoughts on “Port Phillip Council Election: Your chance to influence our future

  1. Hey Lee

    Are you aware of all the great work that the Southport Community Legal Service does for the residents of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Garden City, Albert Park and Middle Park. We receive very limited funding from the Port Phillip Council ($25K)and with the help of our dedicated bunch of volunteers we were able to help over 500 people last financial year with their legal problems. This is comparable to other community legal services in other areas of Melbourne that get 10 times the amount of Federal and State funding.

    Yours fellow Port Melbourne resident and SKCC member

    • Hi Sue,

      No I wasn’t aware of this, thank you!

      Win, lose or draw tomorrow I would still be interested to meet up to get a better understanding of the Southport Community Legal Service. Do you rely solely on CoPP funding and volunteers? DO you receive anything at all on a State or Fed level because thats seems unfair. Is your service for everyone or just the disadvantaged?

      I’ve got too many questions thats why we need to speak next week.

      Lee :-)

      • Lee Turner you are a true inspiration and a breath of fresh air in the Community.
        Best wishes for a great result and keep fighting the good fight.
        Yours sincerely,
        Kath Radcliffe

      • Thanks Kath, that’s really sweet.

        I’m gutted but I will live to fight another day. People are afraid of change and want everything to stay the same but one only has to look in the mirror to know we all change no matter what.

        I will keep fighting for those less fortunate and I will continue with my honest and direct approach.

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